Garden Rooms - Technical Details

Our premium garden rooms can fit any space, in any garden, and offer year round comfort, low heating bills and a fantastic space for work, rest and play. 

Modular Sizes

Pods are available in the following standard size options:

2m x 3m / 2m x 4m / 3m x 5m / 3.3m x 5m / 3m x 12m / 3.3m x 12m / 3.3m x 18m

Bespoke sizing is also available. We will consult with you about the purpose and requirements of your modular building to ensure it is appropriately sized.

Green Insulation

One of the significant differences with modular building technology, compared to conventional constructions, is the insulation system. Our buildings utilise the most environmentally safe insulation products on the market today. This proven revolutionary technology gives high performance, safety, comfort and durability. The special insulation system is patented, mineral based, non-toxic insulation and environmentally friendly.

Green Insulation characteristics:

  • High Insulation — Great R Value (3.9 per inch or 10 per cm (at 75°F) ASTM C 518-76 per inch or cm of thickness delivers significant heating and cooling cost savings.
  • Non Allergenic (Environmentally Safe & Ecologically Sound - Air Krete is free of asbestos, carcinogenic fibers, CFC's and Formaldehyde)
  • Mold Resistant (to mold growth at both 75% and 95% relative humidity - ASTM Guideline D 6329-98 (1).
  • Insect and Rodent Resistant (utilizes magnesium oxide inorganic cement that discourages rodents and insects)
  • Increased Home Value
  • Zero Shrinkage and Fills All Cavities (in sidewalls ASTM C951, Par 8.5) highly efficient insulation that is pumped into wall cavity. It fills where others cannot. Because it is injected like shaving cream, it easily flows and fills around electrical conduits, outlets, window and door casings, creating a draft-free infiltration barrier.
  • Acoustically Engineered (Sound Barrier acts like a blanket that deadens noise from outside the building).
  • Healthier Home
  • Energy Conservation
  • Moisture Resistant (retards water absorption and retains its superior insulating qualities indefinitely.)


Our modular buildings are manufactured with the highest quality steel – values of 550 MPa yield and tensile strength.

Our light steel frame buildings offer a wide range of benefits, when compared with conventional buildings, in terms of quality, additional durability, reduced wastage, lower logistical costs and reduced time for construction.

Our steel frames are only produced with design software, which ensures that all elements of the home conform to the client's design and the engineer's architectural plans.


All our modular buildings are constructed with ArcelorMittal steel - a global leader in designing and producing safe and sustainable construction materials.

Our steel meets worldwide structural standards:  Europe: BS 5950-5 / BS 5950-5 AMD 1 / Eurocode 3.

Our modular buildings are accredited by TÜV.